Optimal Ranging Utility Survey

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The Optimal Ranging Utility Survey application includes powerful tools to detect and collect 3D positions of underground utility lines in real time from within Trimble Access.

Use the Utility Survey application with an Optimal Ranging Spar 300 receiver to locate and record geospatial positions of underground utility lines with similar quality metric as for corresponding above ground assets.

Line Mode

Applies a known frequency to any kind of conductive material with an active signal transmitter.

The radiated signal of the utility is received by the Spar 300 receiver and shown in the Utility Survey application as a 3D position.

Measure feature codes as you walk close to underground utility lines.

Sonde Mode

Detects utility lines if no conductive material is available (for example with plastic or concrete pipes).

Transmits a signal while the sonde is pushed or pulled through any kind of pipe; a 3D geospatial position can be estimated without moving the Spar 300.


Supports Trimble Access jxl format to export Trimble Business Center (TBC)

Exports to dxf and ASCII csv files.

Supported devices:

  • TSC3
  • GeoXR
  • Slate
  • Trimble Tablet
  • Trimble T10