Trimble 4D Control Site Setup

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The Trimble® 4D Control Site Setup application allows you to create or modify a total station Site Setup for Trimble 4D Control by using a Trimble field controller running Trimble Access™. It is designed to simplify the on-site workflow and works only in combination with Trimble 4D Control.

It allows users of Trimble Access the following abilities:

  • To create a Site Setup in the field which then can be used in Trimble 4D Control
  • To modify existing Site Setups that have been created in Trimble 4D Control
  • To take advantage of the General Survey features like the video, joystick, map, etc. for ad-vanced instrument control
  • To use ruggedized, lightweight Trimble handheld controllers

It has never been so easy to set up or modify a Site Setup in Trimble 4D Control.

Now the operator has the ability to control his total stations visually. A remote co-worker is not needed any more.

The data can be imported to Trimble 4D Control so that no additional Site Setup is required on the Trimble 4D Control server.

Note: This application is an add-on to Trimble 4D Control based on Trimble Access. It is not a stand-alone monitoring solution and should only be used in conjunction with Trimble 4D Control.

Supported devices:

  • TSC3
  • TSC2
  • Trimble CU
  • Trimble Tablet
  • Trimble T10