Trimble Roads

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The Trimble® Roads application includes powerful tools to define, survey, and report your road. The easy to use graphical interface simplifies road operations.

Define your Road

  • Upload a Trimble, GENIO, or LandXML road definition.
  • Key in a road definition including horizontal and vertical alignments, templates, and superelevation and widening records.
  • Review the road (in 3D if using a Trimble Tablet).

Survey your road

  • Stake a station on a string.
  • Measure your position relative to a string.
  • Measure your position relative to a road.
  • Stake a side slope.
  • Apply construction offsets.
  • Redesign in real time.

Report your road

  • Generate a report for surveyed road data on the controller while in the field.
  • Use these reports to check data in the field, or to transfer data from the field to your client or to the office for further processing with office software.

Supported devices:

  • TSC3
  • TSC2
  • Trimble CU
  • Slate
  • GeoXR
  • Trimble M3
  • Trimble C5
  • Trimble S3
  • Trimble Tablet
  • Trimble T10