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allnav AutoResection

Allnav AutoResection is capable of calculating a resection without knowing your actual backsight point names. This allows a quick station setup without the risk of adding wrong points to the station setup.

A typical AutoResection workflow looks like this:

  • Import set of known points
  • Define total station thresholds
  • Measure at least three points
  • AutoResection will correlate the measurements with the imported points and calculate resection(s) if possible
  • Select a resection, add and remove points and continue with the survey

The goal of allnav AutoResection is to make field work more simple, to avoid searching and matching imported points with measured points etc.

As a crew member you simply measure whatever points are availble; AutoResection will take care of matching them and performing a station setup based on them.

Supported devices:

  • TCU
  • TSC3
  • Trimble Tablet
  • Trimble T10