Downgrading the TCU3 Controller

    Firstly, select the option which most closely resembles your situation:

    1. Have I done anything with the controller at all, and should I simply install the licensed software?
    2. Have I installed more software on the controller, other than the Trimble Access software?
    3. Have I created a number of jobs on the controller already, and do I want to preserve the data?
      1. Nothing has been done on the controller, and therefore there is nothing to backup, and we want to install a different set of software. At this point, you can choose to either re-install the operating system, and re-run TAIM, which will then install the licensed application for this controller, and you are ready to go. Alternatively, you can uninstall each application individually, and then re-run TAIM to install the licensed software for this controller.
      2. If you have installed software already on the controller, you may not want to re- install the operating system unless you have a backup copy of the other software. The most practical solution is to uninstall the Trimble Access software off the controller, and then re-run TAIM to re-install the licensed software for this controller.
      3. If you simply uninstall the software from the controller, any job data that you have created will be lost. TAIM offers job upgrades but does not downgrade your data. To preserve the data in a format which is compatible between versions we recommend that you start Trimble Access and export the data to JobXML. Download the data from the Trimble Data folder, by using Windows Explorer and copying the data folder off the controller and saving it to your PC for later use. When this is done, you can choose to either re-initialize the controller by re-installing the operating system , or to uninstall the application and then re-run TAIM to install the licensed software for this controller. When the Licensed software is installed, the JobXML files can be recopied back to the controller and the data imported.

    Uninstalling Applications
    Press the Windows button on the controller, then scroll to, and tap on "Settings":
    Scroll to, and tap on "System":

    Scroll to, and tap "Remove Programs":

    For each of the installed programs, tap on the program (1), and then tap on "Remove" (2):

    Tap on "Yes":

    Wait for the application to be removed and then repeat until all applications are gone and the list is empty. If you are asked to restart the device to finish removing the program, select "cancel" to cancel, and restart when finished.
    If you are asked to restart the controller because changes have been made to the device, tap "Later":
    When all applications have been removed, tap on "OK":
    Close the menu:
    Now run TAIM to re-install your licensed software.

    Creating JobXML backup of job files.

    Start the General Survey application.

    To export the Job data to JobXML, use the Import/Export function from the "Jobs" menu:
    Select Export fixed format files:
    Choose JobXML from the file format drop list(1), and then press "Accept"(2).
    When the conversion of the Job file is done, press the "OK" button and repeat for any other jobs on the controller.
    Note: A JobXML file generated from a Trimble job contains all the raw data in the FieldBook section, and "the best" coordinate for each point from the job in the Reductions section. Only the data from the Reductions section is read into the new Trimble job file, raw observations are not imported.
    When finished, connect the controller to your PC with Microsoft ActiveSync technology and copy data off the controller and save it to a safe location on your PC. The files will be saved on the controller under the "\Trimble Data" folder, usually in an "Export" folder underneath your user name, for example "Trimble Data > User > \Export". For more information, refer to the General Survey Help.
    When you have saved the files off the controller, you can either re-install the operating system, or uninstall the application. After this is done, the jobXML files can be copied back to the controller and restored as job files.
    Once the JobXML file is copied to the controller, use the "Jobs" menu and select the "Import/Export" option:
    Choose "Import fixed format files":
    Then choose "Trimble JobXML" from the file format options:
    Next, browse to the folder where you have copied he JobXML files, and select a file:
    Choose a name for the JOB (if not using the default name) and press "Accept":
    Click on the informational message (if not automatically closed):
    Repeat import for each job that you transferred.